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A 25-year tradition of family, food, and faith


Kasbah Prime Kosher Catering’s story begins in New York City in the 1980’s when the Dery brothers decided to start a family-owned, local business inspired by their love of Jewish, Kosher food and culture.


The brothers were excited to bring the flavors of traditional Jewish European and Middle Eastern Kosher Catering cuisine to America. (And their excitement is a thriving tradition that is still present in the professional chefs and staff of Kasbah Prime Kosher Catering today!)


Drawing from their family traditions both their amazing professional kitchen skills and their delicious culinary secrets, the Dery brothers opened Kasbah Prime Kosher Catering for business.


They made it their company mission to serve both the Jewish and the non-Jewish community members in New York City with high-quality, natural, certified kosher Catering and the best professional and friendly service.


They wanted to provide the finest Kosher catering options for events of all sizes and types by using healthy cooking techniques and the perfect natural ingredients in each of their delectable dishes.


Since their first Kosher catering event over 20 years ago, Kasbah Prime Catering has severed hundreds of Jewish families, adding a special flavor their religious and personal celebrations with customized fine dining and talented event planning.


Our family-owned Kosher catering company has only expanded and grown in popularity and skill with the addition of each new year of business! We are so grateful to be able to serve the community we love by living our passion of cooking and serving delicious meals!


In collaboration with our amazing executive chef, Kasbah Prime Kosher Catering has only grown in its passion to serve both the Jewish and non-Jewish community with unforgettably delicious meals. 


We’ve recently updated our meal selection, creating a tempting and mouthwatering menu featuring both traditional American favorites as well as exotic Middle Eastern specialties. We take pride in always providing the best, friendly professional service.


We offer our stunning catering and event planning services to a wide variety of events, both corporate and private. Our customers and their guests love to rave about our delicious meal options and professional, friendly staff!


Kasbah Prime Kosher Catering specializes in to bring the best-customized Kosher catering to religious celebrations, such as Catering for Wedding, Catering for Bar Mitzvah, Catering for Bat Mitzvah, and Catering for Brit Milla festival meals to create the perfect joyful and sacred atmosphere for your family!


Here at Kasbah Prime Kosher Catering, we believe that one of the most important parts of any celebration is the amazing food. 


Festival meals are a special occasion for both family and friends to gather and celebrate a holy and happy event. Whatever the size or reason for your next event, Kasbah Prime Kosher Catering is here to help transform it from a good celebration to a truly great and memorable one with our amazing menu selections and great service!


Whether you’re a close friend or grandparent to the happy couple, young adult, or other celebrated friend or family member, Kasbah Prime Kosher Catering can help you make any special occasion truly unforgettable with high-quality catering!


We offer the best professional planning and Kosher catering services to new york, new jersey, long island and the rest of the tri-state area, on or off premises, for your next corporate or private religious event and we proudly serve groups of 10 to 5,000 people with the finest food and best quality service so you can host the perfect festival meal no matter how many guests you’ll have!


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