The 59$ Party Menu PP. 



(Served to each one individually) choose one

Caesar Salad, with Garlic Grilled Portobello Mushrooms & Croutons 


Garden salad with lime cilantro dressing


Choice of our Home special Soups 




(Served to each one individually) Choose 3.

Argentinean Steak Filleted rib eye


 Fillet mignon Style Pepper Crusted, reduction cabrante


New York Ribeye steak with Portobello mushroom Merlo sauce


Lemongrass fresh herbs marinated chicken Breast


Duck Sauce Chicken Steak (white or dark meat)


Marinated semi boneless Basil Chicken with garlic basil sauce


 Garlic Salmon Filet / Marinated Tuna Steak /Chef Sushi roll



Served with your choice of

Choose 2.

Home Tempura Jumbo Onion Rings | Steak Fries | Homemade Mashed Potatoes | Grilled Vegetables | Basmati Rice with Mediterranean  Vegetable Sauce




(1 Bottle PP.)

Coke | Coke Zero | Coke Diet | Sprite | Diet Sprite | Fanta Orange | Diet Fanta Orange | Ginger Ale | Fresca | Seltzer | Minut Made Lemonade




(Served central)

Our Assorted Mix From Our Sweet Dessert Menu




Service Butler style $125 per waiter | This Menu is for a minimum of 8 People | This Party Menu can be Dropped off, Served with waiters or on a Buffet | OK Kosher Supervision | For orders Call Yosef 718-942-9299 / Henry 212-496-1500 or visit our Website at