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kosher catering NYC

At Kasbah Kosher Catering NYC we offer a wide variety of Menus for all sorts of Venues. 


Here on this Page, you can look thru different kinds of Menus that are very popular for different sorts of events.


Kasbah Kosher Catering NYC is a strictly high standard, our kosher certification is by the OK Rabbinical Food and Beverages Supervision. 


At Kasbah Kosher Catering NYC we Cater Kosher Corporate Events, Kosher Private Events, Bar & Bat Mitzvah, Sheva Bruchos, Weddings & Bris Millah ceremonies.​

Bring the joy of exquisite kosher dining to your next SimchA or event


shabbat catering


Party PLatters


hors d'oeuvres


purim party

Kosher Catering NYC
Kosher Catering NYC
Kosher Catering NYC
Kosher Catering NYC
Kosher Catering NYC
Kosher Catering NYC
Kosher Catering NYC


Our Crew at Kasbah Kosher Catering is proud to serve and cater all events in all five boroughs and around.


We can cater Kosher Odurves, passed around Butler style or American service, whatever our client desires, you just need to ask and you will get it.


It is important to check how many people are invited to you kosher catering event, now once you know how many people you have invited, always ad to it at least 15% more to the amount of food you order so that you are ready for surprises.


Also, it is important to make yourself a checklist of basic things like for an example,


Are there enough tables and chairs for a number of people that you are inviting?


If it on Shabbat is there enough refrigerator space for the drinks and the salads till its served?


Are there more than 25 guests ? are you sure that on your special day your event you are going to start watering? make sure you find someone or ask the catering company if they can send a waiter to help serve the food so that you and your guests can enjoy a nice and happy event without seeing you running around and cleaning plates.

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